Bookkeeping and Tax Services

Bookkeeping and Tax Services

Businesses thrive on innovation, dedication, and a clear understanding of their financial health. Bookkeeping and tax services play a pivotal role in ensuring that your businesses is compliant and that you have the financial clarity you need.

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At EGomezCPA we provide expert bookkeeping and tax services to businesses in Miami. Click below to see how we can help your business today.

Bookkeeping Services

Tax Services

Bookkeeping, in its most basic form, is the systematic recording and organizing of financial transactions in a company. It is the foundation upon which a business’s financial health is assessed.

Why is it Important? Proper bookkeeping ensures that records are accurate, which is crucial for tax preparation, financial analysis, and decision-making.

Tax services go beyond just annual tax return preparation. They involve a range of activities designed to ensure that your business complies with tax laws and benefits from any available tax credits or deductions.

Why is it Important? Proper tax planning and preparation can save businesses a significant amount of money and prevent legal issues.

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What's Included?

Bookkeeping and tax services typically include activities such as:

  • bank reconciliations
  • credit card reconciliations
  • tracking income and expenditure
  • recording all financial transactions
  • storing records
  • calculating and filing federal, state and Miami taxes
  • handling individual and business taxes
  • estimated quarterly tax vouchers
  • tax notice resolution
  • IRS audit representation
  • filing 1099s to vendors
  • sales tax preparation and reporting
  • generating financial statements

Bookkeeping and Tax Services Near Me​

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If you’re based in Miami you’ll want a bookkeeping and tax service that’s near you. 

Miami has specific rules around local sales tax, property tax, corporate tax as well as other unique business factors that are local to Miami.

Working with a local Miami CPA can be extremely valuable to you. Hiring a local CPA firm in Miami , like EGomez CPA, ensures that your accountant is familiar with regional regulations and can offer insights that national firms might overlook.

The level of service you get from a bookkeeping and tax service near you is usually a lot better too.

Virtual Bookkeeping & Tax Services

At the same time, the world we live in has clearly moved online. You’re not restricted to a bookkeeping and tax service that’s in your exact neighbourhood. With a virtual bookkeeper you can now work with any bookkeeping and tax company in Miami, from the comfort of your home or office.

There are many benefits to this, such as:

  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Access to a broader pool of experts
  • Less travel time
  • Digitizing your financial records

Miami is well known for being a hub for startups and tech companies and a virtual bookkeeper provides a perfect match to the city’s forward-thinking business culture.

Choosing the Right Service in Miami​

When considering who to help you with your businesses bookkeeping and taxes, we would advise that you consider these things first: 

Reputation and Reviews

  • Bookkeeping and tax services deal with sensitive, private financial data. A firm or individual with a good reputation is likely to handle your information with integrity and confidentiality. 
  • Reviews often provide insights into the quality of service provided. Positive reviews indicate satisfied previous clients which can then give you confidence in the service provider’s capabilities and customer service 
  • Negative reviews or a tarnished reputation can serve as something for you to consider. It can help you avoid potential issues or unsatisfactory experiences. 

You should think about these questions when choosing your provider – 

  • How familiar are they with your local tax regulations?
  • What industries do they specialize in?
  • How do they stay updated with the latest tax laws and accounting practices?

Range of Services

  • A provider offering a wide range of services can support various aspects of the financial area of your business, from daily bookkeeping tasks to strategic tax planning. 
  • Bundling multiple services with a single provider can often be more cost-effective than hiring different specialists for each task. It can mean you purchase a package deal, which can be cheaper in some cases. 
  • Using one firm for multiple services often ensures consistency in financial management, as they should have a consistent overview of your financial situation.

Responsiveness and Customer Service

  • We know that financial matters can be time-sensitive. A responsive service provider ensures that your queries or concerns are addressed promptly, preventing potential delays or issues.
  • Good customer service often translates to clear and effective communication, ensuring you’re always informed and understand the financial processes and decisions. It also allows you to have more trust in the company and have a great experience with your service professional. 
  • A service provider that values customer service will prioritize your needs and work towards building a long-term, trusting relationship. This trust is very important when dealing with financial matters.
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Great professional team!!! Always there for you, anytime when you need them!!!! Thank you for your support through out these years!!!!

If you’re looking for reliable, expert bookkeeping and tax services for your business in Miami, chat to Edgar and the team today.

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