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Simplify how you manage your business finances with our bookkeeping services. With 15+ years of local experience you’ll have a Miami bookkeeper who understands the local business content, tax requirements and who can help you manage your business finances like a pro.

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What Is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is one of the most important foundation blocks for any business in Miami. It’s the process of recording all financial transactions that take place, from money coming in through sales to money going out via payments to staff or suppliers, tax payments and general business expenses.

Why Do I Need Miami Bookkeeping Services?

Without good bookkeeping you won’t have the accurate financial information you need to create your profit and loss statements, calculate sales and income tax, or understand how your business is actually performing. 

Are you making profit? How much, and which revenue streams are generating those profits? Where are you spending most of your money each month and are there any problems that need addressing? Our bookkeeping services in Miami will help you as a local business owner answer these questions and run a better business. And, because we’re not just bookkeepers (we’re a local Miami CPA firm too) we can help you with so much more! Let’s take a look…

Our Bookkeeping Services, Miami

Our Miami bookkeeping services take care of all the day-to-day financial movement in your business. Using online bookkeeping software we ensure that your records are updated and securely stored in the cloud. We can get you set up on Quickbooks and integrate handy online tools like ADP,, Keeper and TaxDome to make your money management easier.

This gives you greater accuracy, flexibility and a real-time picture of your business’ financial health. Not sure which invoices are still unpaid? Or how profitable your business was last month? It’s all available in an instant. 

Our bookkeeping services are flexible and can be customized to the unique needs of your business in Miami.

Reconcile bank accounts

Store all financial records

Reconcile credit card statements

Generate financial statements

Track income and expenses

File tax returns

Record transactions

Our bookkeeping services are delivered using the best bookkeeping software.

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Our bookkeeping services cover all the monthly financial activities in your business. You no longer have to worry about things like:

  • Outdated financials: If your books are a mess, talk to us about our bookkeeping clean up or catch up services.
  • Bank Reconciliations: Our team will match your business transactions against your bank and card statements.
  • Accounts Receivable: We streamline the invoicing process, track payments, and manage collections to improve your cash flow.
  • Recording Transactions: All your financial activities are accurately recorded, including sales, expenses, and other items, for an up-to-date overview.
  • Tracking Income and Expenses: We categorize and monitor income and expenses, giving you insights into your profitability and helping with budgeting.
  • QuickBooks Setup and Onboarding: Let’s set you up or optimize your QuickBooks system for better bookkeeping.
  • Financial Reports: Our bookkeeping services in Miami will give you monthly financial statements, such as a P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.
  • Tax Preparation & Planning: Tax season will be a breeze with our bookkeepers. We can help you stay compliant, save tax and claim all your deductions.
  • Support: Our Miami bookkeepers are always available to answer your questions.
  • Confidentiality & Security: All your financial data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and securely stored.

Why Choose Us For Your Bookkeeping in Miami


Local Experience

We are actually a virtual bookkeeping service, based in Miami.  We know the business environment, local tax laws and are best prepared to help you with all your accounting and tax needs. 


Customized Solutions

Every business in Miami is unique and has its own challenges. You have your own goals that you’re aiming for. We can customize a monthly bookkeeping package that provides the services you need to get there.



Modern businesses need to embrace technology. At E. Gomez CPA LLC we use the best cloud bookkeeping software to simplify and streamline how you manage your books. Get easy, secure and real-time visibility of your financial position.


Our Clients' Opinions Of Our Bookkeeping Services

Guillermo Rodriguez
Guillermo Rodriguez
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Professional, knowledgeable, and reliable CPA service! Highly recommend for all your financial needs. 5 stars all the way!
mike salvietti
mike salvietti
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Wonderful service, great response time
Lauren Scott
Lauren Scott
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
After shopping through bad accountants for 4 years finally finding them was a blessing
autumn hernandez
autumn hernandez
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
The portal he has is easy to use, he always answers my questions within the hour, I recommend all our friends to him thank you!!!
Samantha Moore
Samantha Moore
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Ive been with Edgar for three years him and his team are very responsive and helpful I highly recommend him
Danilo Varriale
Danilo Varriale
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Awesome time spent strategizing with Edgar!!
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Outstanding service from this CPA firm! Highly knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy. Helped me navigate complex taxes with ease. Alex was also very kind and made sure there was no mistakes made on my taxes. Highly recommend!
maria lopez
maria lopez
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Edgar is very knowledgeable, easy to get along with, very professional, and accessible. For many years we have been looking for a firm that checked all the boxes and we finally found it. Edgar was able to explained everything in detail and made the whole process easy, provided us with a piece of mind that are taxes were finally being handled by someone capable and reliable. He was accessible to answer our questions on time and walked us through the process in every meeting and kept us updated each step of the way.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Great professional team!!! Always there for you, anytime when you need them!!!! Thank you for your support through out these years!!!!

Meet Edgar Gomez, Miami CPA

The firm is led by Edgar Gomez. As a CPA with more than 15 years of experience he’s become a trusted name in the local business community.

Edgar has worked closely with a large number of small businesses, particularly in construction, trucking, wholesale and other industries.

E Gomez CPA can help your Miami business today with accounting and bookkeeping services, tax preparation and tax saving strategies, CPA services and business advice.

Give Edgar a call today or reach out via the contact form below.

Get Set Up With QuickBooks

Quickbooks is a leading cloud accounting software used across the US. It can help you manage your business more efficiently with features like:

Automated data entry and filing

A real-time dashboard with KPIs

Automated bank reconciliations

Financial reporting and analysis

Invoicing and payment tracking

Payroll management

Like any advanced software, expect a steep learning curve if you’re thinking of keeping your own books. As part of our bookkeeping services, we’ll get your business set up on Quickbooks, train you in what you need (or want) to know, and then manage your QB platform for you. If you’re already using QuickBooks we can help you get the most out of this powerful platform.

Benefits Of Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

When you outsource your bookkeeping services to a virtual CPA firm, some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy include:

Saving Time-icon

Save Time

How much time do you currently spend on bookkeeping activities? Get that time back and put it to better use.

Saving Money-icon

Save Money

Outsourced bookkeeping services save you the cost of hiring a full-time in house bookkeeper. Up-to-date accurate records, accurate tax calculations and business insights help you save further.



Get access to professional help on complex transactions and bookkeeping problems.

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Virtual bookkeeping services enable you to work with your bookkeeper from wherever you or, whether you’re in Miami or not.

What To Expect From Our Miami Bookkeeping Services

Financial Control icon

Financial Control

Say goodbye to late payments, outstanding invoices, problems with cash flow and other issues that come with messy books. Our bookkeeping services, will give you control of your finances and confidence in your numbers.

Financial Visibility icon

Financial Visibility

Start monitoring and understanding what’s really happening with your money, in real-time. Keep an eye on your accounts receivable or P&L from any device. Monitor cash flow and upcoming payments as you run your business.

Financial Planning icon

Financial Planning

With the best Miami bookkeeping services behind you, and our CPA prepared financial statements, you’ll have the information you need to plan ahead. Plus, you always have access to our local experts for great advice.

Rest Easy With Our Bookkeeping Services, Miami

Despite being one of the most critical areas of any business, bookkeeping often falls to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list. Its a complex and time-consuming task, that distracts you from activities that make you feel like you’re actively growing your business.

But accurate bookkeeping services for your Miami business are critical to your success. Without it you won’t have reliable financial records, cash flow will be difficult to manage, payments and receipts can go unnoticed, tax calculations will be wrong, and your financial reports and accounting simply won’t be trustworthy. 

Plus, you could face penalties with tax authorities. Without good information you’ll also miss out on opportunities to save money in your business or identify areas to boost profitability.

At E Gomez CPA we provide accounting bookkeeping services in Miami to local businesses. Our team of experts will simplify and streamline your financial management using the best cloud bookkeeping technology. You can rest easy knowing that this key area of your business is finally under control. Book a free consultation with us now to get started!

Miami bookkeeping services


Answers to common questions about our bookkeeping services.
If you have a question you need an answer to, get in touch.

I want to get set up on Quickbooks. Can you help?
Yes. Our bookkeeping services team are QuickBook Pros and can help get you setup. After meeting with you to understand your bookkeeping needs we can customize a setup and structure your chart of accounts to match you activities. We can also train you in how to use QBO to get the most out of it as we take care of your books.

How often do I need bookkeeping services?
How often your business requires bookkeeping services depends on the frequency of transactions. For a contractor business in Miami you may have a lower volume of transactions, and require less frequent bookkeeping services, such as weekly or month.

How much does it cost to hire a bookkeeper?
It costs between $35,000 and $50,000 to hire a full time bookkeeper in Miami. Why not save on the costs and get the expertise your business needs with our outsourced bookkeeping services?

Do you offer payroll processing, accounts payable, and accounts receivables?
We do not offer these services, but we can help you set up the system for processing payroll, bill payments, and invoice templates.

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