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Save more money with business tax planning strategies for Florida companies and business owners.

Business tax planning

Our Business Tax Planning Services

Our tax planning services are designed to help your Florida business save as much tax as possible throughout the year, not just when you file your annual return.

We provide a range of strategies and advice aimed at optimizing your business’s tax position and minimizing your tax liability.

From monthly deductions and credits to ensuring you have the most tax efficient business structure.

Our business tax planning services form part of our monthly packages and may vary depending on the size and complexity of your business as well as the industry you operate in. Our tax planning services can help you with:

Entity selection

Maximize deductions & credits

Income splitting

Timing of revenue recognition

Transaction tax advisory

Tax projections

Our tax services are delivered using the best accounting software to make your life easier.

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Tax planning services

Why Choose Us For Your Business Tax Planning

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Florida Tax Experts

Work with a tax expert in Florida who understands local tax laws and the business environment well.

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Save More Tax

Beyond claiming tax deductions we support you with complete tax planning strategies that maximize your savings.

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With more than 15 years of tax planning experience you’ll be in reliable hands with E Gomez CPA.


What Our Clients Think

Guillermo Rodriguez
Guillermo Rodriguez
Professional, knowledgeable, and reliable CPA service! Highly recommend for all your financial needs. 5 stars all the way!
mike salvietti
mike salvietti
Wonderful service, great response time
Lauren Scott
Lauren Scott
After shopping through bad accountants for 4 years finally finding them was a blessing
autumn hernandez
autumn hernandez
The portal he has is easy to use, he always answers my questions within the hour, I recommend all our friends to him thank you!!!
Samantha Moore
Samantha Moore
Ive been with Edgar for three years him and his team are very responsive and helpful I highly recommend him
Danilo Varriale
Danilo Varriale
Awesome time spent strategizing with Edgar!!
Outstanding service from this CPA firm! Highly knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy. Helped me navigate complex taxes with ease. Alex was also very kind and made sure there was no mistakes made on my taxes. Highly recommend!
maria lopez
maria lopez
Edgar is very knowledgeable, easy to get along with, very professional, and accessible. For many years we have been looking for a firm that checked all the boxes and we finally found it. Edgar was able to explained everything in detail and made the whole process easy, provided us with a piece of mind that are taxes were finally being handled by someone capable and reliable. He was accessible to answer our questions on time and walked us through the process in every meeting and kept us updated each step of the way.
Great professional team!!! Always there for you, anytime when you need them!!!! Thank you for your support through out these years!!!!

Plan To Save Tax In Your Business

Business tax planning is an essential financial activity that involves analyzing your income, expenses and investments to minimize the amount of tax you pay. It’s a key strategic move because it helps your business legally reduce its tax liability and keep more money in the bank account.

Businesses in particular need tax planning because they face complex tax laws and regulations in the US that require a strategic approach to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

When you don’t do tax planning, you risk paying more taxes than necessary and missing out on potential tax benefits. This can lead to financial difficulties and a negative impact on your business’s bottom line. Additionally, failing to plan for taxes can result in missed opportunities to claim deductions, credits, and exemptions that could save you money.

By working with a professional tax planner, you can develop a customized tax plan that meets your unique business needs and goals. Start saving more tax today by booking a free consultation with us at E Gomez CPA.

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Answers to common questions about business tax planning in Florida.
If you have a question you need an answer to, get in touch.

What is tax planning?
Business tax planning involves analyzing your income, expenses and investments to minimize the amount of tax you pay. It includes assessing your business structure to see if it’s the most tax efficient vehicle for you as well as other strategies.

How much does tax planning cost?
The cost of business tax planning depends on the size and complexity of your business as well as the industry you operate in. At E Gomez CPA tax planning strategies are included in some of monthly packages.

Why is tax planning important?
Tax planning is important because it can help you to legitimately save significant amounts of money and avoid overpaying taxes. It can improve your business cash flow and profitability.

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