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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Scope of Services

Yes, we can definitely work together!  During our call we will define the scope of the services you need to support your business. We love partnering with companies that are willing to work closely with us and are seeking to simplify their accounting and lower their taxes.

No, we don’t provide payroll services ourselves, but as an ADP Accountant Partner, we can offer discounts for their payroll platform. You also have the flexibility to choose your preferred payroll company.

No, we don’t provide outsourcing services for paying bills or invoicing customers on behalf of our clients. However, we provide technical support in Quickbooks for these tasks.

The financial reports in our accounting packages are deemed “prepared” financial statements. However, we offer compilations and reviewed financials, but only for our monthly clients and not as a standalone service. Please note that we don’t offer audited financial statements.  Learn more.

2. Fees and Billing

The monthly fee is determined based on the scope and complexity of the services required. The fee is automatically withdrawn from your account the 1st day of the month to cover the services for the current month.

No, there are no additional fees. However, if there is an out-of-scope service that was not included in the original proposal, we will notify you and discuss the pricing before performing such services.

If your business grows and the scope of services increases, we will reanalyze the services outlined in your proposal to realign the pricing accordingly. You can cancel the services at any time, but the fees already paid are considered non-refundable.

3. Security and Accessibility

Our CPA firm ensures the security of your financial data with our client portal called Taxdome. Utilizing advanced encryption and secure data centers, your information is protected during transmission and storage. With features like multi-factor authentication and regular security audits, only authorized users can access your data.

We use Quickbooks, Xero and Keeper as the main accounting and reporting software tools for our accounting services.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who can be reached directly via a dedicated phone line. Additionally, through our client portal, you can send chat messages for quick communication. While we strive to be available at all times during business hours, our availability may vary depending on demand and workload.

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